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UTOPIA: Integrating Racial Diversity Into Your Programs

Breakout Session

UTOPIA: Integrating Racial Diversity Into Your Programs


This session will define terms and build a foundation for diversifying your programs and art at your organizations using interactive theatrical skill building exercises – interspersed with lecture. Attendees can observe or participate. Participants will learn the difference in situational vs. systemic inequities and cross cultural vs. intercultural diversification. Participants will leave the workshop with clear skills, more awareness of unknown inequities, easily replicate activities and a handout of useful best practices that they can take back to their staff, boards and other constituents – leading to a racially diversified organization and institution. The outcomes will more audience exposure and building, building internal change agents and new racially diversified art makers. And, it will be FUN and we’ll all become a little more obsessed with the celebration of culture and race at our institutions.


The Ideal Participant

The ideal participant is anyone working at organizations struggling to diversify their programs, either because of a lack of desire, knowledge, or fear;  anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of diversification in order to become change agents at their institutions.