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San Francisco Mime Troupe Master Class

OTW 2017 Master Class
Add-On Fee: $64 (Includes lunch)
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05 May 2017
Studio A

San Francisco Mime Troupe Master Class

Master Class Description

In this master workshop, company members will take participants through the basic skill and physical training required to play in the larger-than-life style that drives our style of comedies and performance. We begin with a physical warm-up, then a series of games designed to mold participants into an ensemble. This leads into a survey of contemporary archetypes and a familiarization of the Commedia dell’Arte or the American Melodrama character families.  We use improvisation exercises to work on character building with dynamic, whole body techniques. From there we begin to use these skills to turn political ideas into theater.


After the lunch break, we begin the key exercise: tableau making, telling a story in pictures. From tableaus, we move on to a “silent movie.” We then add words, and eventually musical accompaniment. By the end of the day we have passed through a silent movie version of the short plays and finish with an attempt at dialogue. This session has often produced works that continue after the Mime Troupe is gone.

Other Details

This is a full day workshop: six hours with a one-hour lunch break. Your class fee includes a box lunch.