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Preparing for New Partnerships Through Building Proficiencies Outside of Theatre

Breakout Session
05 May 2017
BRT School of Theater Room 1

Preparing for New Partnerships Through Building Proficiencies Outside of Theatre


As theatre practitioners, we acknowledge the change and growth in our local communities and recognize the need for our programming and productions to better serve our diverse communities.  Building community is all about seeking out experts, learning from one another, and collaborating with new partners. At First Stage and The Orlando Rep, we have had the opportunity to build partnerships with social service agencies, treatment interventions programs, and neighborhood development initiatives. As our scope of programming grows, so do our partners, our participants, our advocates, and our expertise. This session will include a period of sharing partnership examples, followed by a group discussion, and culminating with a practical application activity allowing participants to brainstorm new partnerships and the training, expertise and collaborators required to make these partnerships successful and meaningful for both organizations and the young people and families the partnership serves.  We are excited to share our experiences and learn from one another how we can continue to build and strengthen our partners and proficiencies – as individual communities and as an entire Theatre for Young Audiences field. We are ready to “embrace the slash.”


The Ideal Participant

This session is intended to reach a broad audience of teaching artists, education directors, community engagement directors, and theatre practitioners. This session will be interactive and focus on practical application.