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Don’t Forget the PAC: Activating New TYA Audiences Through Presenting

Breakout Session
05 May 2017
Osher Studio

Don’t Forget the PAC: Activating New TYA Audiences Through Presenting


TYA/USA provides advocacy and resources in order to strengthen and diversify the field of theatre for young audiences. With that said, some of the most devoted advocates for TYA can be found within the “Presenting” sphere; the theatres and cultural institutions across the country who are booking entire youth and family seasons annually for their local schools and communities.

Please join Ray Gargano, Director of Programming and Community Engagement at the Overture Center in Madison, Wisconsin and IPAY Board President, as well as Jennifer Luck, Education & Outreach Director at the Paramount Theatre in Austin, Texas and IPAY Board Member to discuss the impact that PAC’s and Presenting Organizations can have on activating and advancing the TYA field.

Areas of Discussion:

Presenters/PAC’s are often on the front lines of developing relationships with audiences by presenting work created by artists, thus:
– How can PAC’s broker the relationship between the created work and intended audiences?

–  How do Presenters facilitate intentions of the artist with the audiences – in most cases augmenting this relationship and opportunity by providing an educational/developmental context or connection?
– How are PAC’s essential in continuing to grow audiences, while introducing new audiences to the performing arts?

International Performing Arts for Youth [IPAY] is the premiere membership organization in the world today servicing and supporting the professional community of performing arts for young audiences. Our membership is comprised of a growing worldwide network of artists, producers, presenters, agents, educators and students that are dedicated and involved in producing, presenting and promoting all forms of theatre, music, dance, circus, puppetry and more.


The Ideal Participant

The ideal participant is anyone who wants to contribute to the discussion surrounding the topic of Presenters/PACs throughout the country being a critical piece in the mission to advance TYA in the United States and across the Globe. Artists, professional theatres, presenters, educators, and arts administrators are all welcome and encouraged to join in!