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Creating Quality

Breakout Session
04 May 2017
Osher Studio

Creating Quality

A session focusing on quality Theater for Young Audiences.

Taking a cue from other ASSITEJ center countries (Denmark’s Keynotes on the Seven Criteria for Quality and Scotland’s Artistic Evaluation) we will be creating an American guide to understanding and creating quality in TYA work. This guide will not be limited to solely the art on the stage, but creating an comprehensive, holistic QUALITY experience for American TYA audiences.

The discussion opens with the opportunity to investigate and explore American TYA artistic director’s processes and their interpretation of quality work. There will be opportunities to engage with fellow thought-leaders and rabble-rousers about how to define, support, make and present quality TYA productions in America.

The New Victory Theater has collected input from key stakeholders this past season, instigated further exploration at AATE’s New York symposium and continued the conversation at both APAP and IPAY’s recent convenings. We will share with the TYA/USA delegates what we have found so far, and work together to refine these ideas to reflect the vision of the field at large. The hope is that the resulting document becomes a galvanizing way to talk to each other about what quality means in American TYA.