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Collaboration: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Breakout Session
04 May 2017
Studio B

Collaboration: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly


After collaborating with each other, and other writers and composers for 30 years, we have some hard-learned lessons to share. We are also sure that other playwright/composer teams, Theatre/composer teams, Director/playwright teams have questions and advice to offer. The guided discussion will cover:

Understanding why you need a partner. Determining what you each bring to the table and what you don’t. Creating a system for breaking a tie. Creating an agreement that includes a way to end the partnership and assess the value of each one’s contribution. What is required of each partner after the creativity. Questions to ask at the beginning. Who will do: Marketing, negotiating with theatres, with publishers, with agents. What a playwright expects from the theatre when a commission happens and visa versa. We’ve had partnerships go terribly wrong and partnerships go right. Those who attend this forum will walk away with solid tips that they will be able to use in future partnerships.


The Ideal Participant

Playwrights, composers, theatre producers, dramaturgs, literary managers and anyone who has ever thought of forming a partnership with another person for a creative endeavor.