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Adorable & Durable: Innovative TVY Built to Travel

Breakout Session
05 May 2017
Freight & Salvage Theater

Adorable & Durable: Innovative TVY Built to Travel


A toddler show that incorporates contemporary Mexican Folk Art? A found object puppet ocean, complete with plastic spoon coral and gas-can anglerfish? Teller Productions approaches TVY works to be enjoyed by all, regardless of age, and built to handle the rigors of tour (and ever curious kids). We’ll guide you through our approach start to finish, with plenty of tangible examples to play with. Many theaters can attest: much of what works with Theatre for the Very Young is learned through trial and error. Come learn from what we have learned.

Format (Discussion based with visual aids):

  • Introduction
  • Description of TVY, How we got involved
  • Show Concept Development
  • Proposals/Budgeting of works
  • Building of works
  • Rehearsal Phase
  • Touring Works
  • What-Ifs? And Liability
  • Tangible Examples: Suitcase TVY Shows (Participants get to play/get up close with a couple of our traveling works)


The Ideal Participant

Artistic Directors, Directors, Designers, Playwrights, and Educators looking to bring more touring works into the classroom.