Join us in California May 3-6, 2017!


Day 1
04 May 2017

UTOPIA: Integrating Racial Diversity Into Your Programs

Description This session will define terms and build a foundation for diversifying your programs and art at your organizations using interactive theatrical skill building exercises – interspersed with lecture. Attendees...
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Anita Menon
Sarah Jane Hardy
Helen Daltoso
Michael J. Bobbitt

Creating Quality

A session focusing on quality Theater for Young Audiences. Taking a cue from other ASSITEJ center countries (Denmark’s Keynotes on the Seven Criteria for Quality and Scotland’s Artistic Evaluation) we...
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Mary Rose Lloyd
Lindsey Buller Maliekel

All the World’s a Stage: Growing Theatre at Your Local Garden

Description Interested in an innovative way to connect your theater with a local cultural institution? Join representatives from The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and the U.S....
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Susan Pell
Drew Peterson
Harry Poster
David Kilpatrick

Collaboration: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Description After collaborating with each other, and other writers and composers for 30 years, we have some hard-learned lessons to share. We are also sure that other playwright/composer teams, Theatre/composer...
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Jahnna Beecham
Malcolm Hillgartner
Day 2
05 May 2017

The Creation of A Palette of Possibility

Description Red painted play. Blue painted water. And yellow painted light. So begins the story of the play Palette of Possibility, a theatre-based adventure that embraces best practices for creative...
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Gretta Berghammer
Fran Sillau
Brian Guehring
Matthew Gutschick

Education Director Roundtable

Description Join fellow educators from around the country to discuss and share best practices for managing education programs as part of the TYA community. Topics will include programming for scalability,...
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Rebecca Posamentier

TYA Townhall

Description What does the field of Theater for Young Audiences look like in 2036? And how could TYA/USA help facilitate that vision? A townhall discussion.
Andrew Frank

Analyzing Our Process, Informing Our Process

Description How can the TYA development process enhance the experiences of the creative participants, audience, and larger community? How does this process inform not only a script and play for...
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Charisse Loriaux
Brendan Simon
Johnathan Williams
Marilet Martinez

Adorable & Durable: Innovative TVY Built to Travel

Description A toddler show that incorporates contemporary Mexican Folk Art? A found object puppet ocean, complete with plastic spoon coral and gas-can anglerfish? Teller Productions approaches TVY works to be...
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Scottie Rowell

Youth Theatre and Activism

Description This participatory workshop is called Youth Theatre and Activism. A workshop designed to help youth search for and find their voice to express the change they want to see...
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Dexter Singleton

Putting the Young People Back into the Forefront For Your Next Student Musical

Taught by the team from iTheatrics, the leading authority on music theatre education, this interactive workshop will teach participants new techniques to ensure that their next musical is student centered...
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Tim McDonald
Marty Johnson

Puppetry: Demystified

Description Have you wanted to integrate puppets into a production but you’ve been too intimidated by the building process? Join puppetry expert Johanna Smith to explore the magic of puppetry...
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Johanna Smith

Preparing for New Partnerships Through Building Proficiencies Outside of Theatre

Description As theatre practitioners, we acknowledge the change and growth in our local communities and recognize the need for our programming and productions to better serve our diverse communities.  Building...
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Jennifer Adams
Julie Magnasco

Don’t Forget the PAC: Activating New TYA Audiences Through Presenting

Description TYA/USA provides advocacy and resources in order to strengthen and diversify the field of theatre for young audiences. With that said, some of the most devoted advocates for TYA...
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Ray Gargano
Jennifer Hartmann Luck

Public Relations 101 – Engaging with Journalists to Earn Media Coverage for your Theatre or Performance

Description: In today’s media climate, it is imperative that the arts do not take a back seat. Learn how to reach the journalists, critics and influencers who can get the word out...
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Fiona Lee
Lily Janiak
Amanda Carroll
Julie Richter